Seoul Declaration supporters

The Seoul Declaration is supported by governments, multinational and local enterprises, networks and individuals

The following list contains all organizations that have committed to the principles of the Seoul Declaration by attending one of the many Seoul Declaration events. The signatory on the Seoul Declaration is the organization which has signed to support the objectives and commit implementation of the Seoul Declaration in the aim of promoting safe and healthy work environment worldwide.

The signatory has three groups of categories.

  • Group 1 - The original signatory in the 18th World Congress on the Safety and Health at Work in Seoul, Korea on 30th June 2008.
  • Group 2 - The signatories of meetings in support of the Seoul Declaration organized by ILO, ISSA or KOSHA.
  • Group 3 - Sign up possibilities other than those described under Group 1 or Group 2

List of Signatories of the Seoul Declaration (May 2011)